Raise The Woof

We use laughter as the medium to bring in donations that can keep shelters and rescues going. Not only do we bring in old supporters of our benefactors caues that are going to their events regardless as they have a love for what they do, but we start drawing in a new crowd of supporters as comedy is very appealing to the average person. Our benefactors get that monetary value from having new supporters but the awareness factor can now reach many more people. Its a great way to sneak a little education in while having a great time.

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  1. Raavi says:

    Wonderful information that I wish I had my hands on back in 1997 when Clay County Boxer Rescue, aka South Dakota Boxer Rescue, now and foveerr Northern Plains Boxer Rescue organized. This is a MUST have for any person/group considering starting a rescue organization. It is also very informative for us who have been in the trenches over the years.Kudos to all of you who put the time, energy and effort into this manual.

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