Most animal shelters, animal rescue groups and humane societies are strapped for fundraising ideas and often look for new ways to cover various reoccurring costs that they all have. That is why Raise The Woof was born. To help people help animals.

Raise The Woof is a stand up comedy event that works with animal shelters and rescue groups to get much needed fundraising. Our goal is alway to create a sustainable annual event that can become a steady revenue stream for our benefactors. Raise The Woof was created by comedian and producer James Uloth who has raised over $1, 000,000 for various charities. With nearly 10 years experience in performing and producing, he brings a fun-filled show with strong branding matched with quality performances by all entertainers on the lineup.

FAQ: How does Raise The Woof work?

In advance of the show.

1. The first step is getting in touch with us. Email james@woofraise.com, or call 323-570-4242.

2. Pick a few dates. Raise The Woof will work with you and what is best for your community and create a tour, or route you into an existing tour.

3. Find a venue. Some common venues we play are community halls, hotel banquet rooms and school theaters.

4. We can assist you with tickets, posters and marketing for your Raise The Woof fundraising event.

5. You sell the tickets and promote the event locally.

The Day of Show.

1. Don