Backyard Comedy Shows with Social Distancing!

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve adapted and have started presenting backyard comedy shows with social distancing.

What people need now more than ever is some relief from stress. What better way than to have a comedy show in your backyard! We can supply the sound system and the jokes, you supply the laughter. The best part is we’ll be helping animals at the same time.

The world has changed! The doctors have prescribed some good hearted laughter. The effects of a belly laugh! life changing. We can create a safe environment with social distancing in place, and the best venue ever: your own backyard. We can also play patios, well ventilated rooms, and more.

Get in touch and we will walk you through the whole process. We’ll have a fun event and raise you that money to keep on saving animals. When in full tour mode, we have up to 60 annual mega events spread across Canada and USA.

Our Raise The Woof tour broke new ground and created an all new type of fundraising for rescues. It’s the #1 revenue stream for so many of the rescues we have worked with in our 10 year history. Please check out our social media for all the great reviews. We have so many memories and can’t wait to get back up to full steam.

In the meantime, it’s time to reinvent — there are still animals that need our help! Our backyard comedy shows will provide a direct way of raising revenue. Typically, we recommend listing ticket prices at $10-$20 and recommend a 10 person minimum. We’re available for multiple shows in one night. We also have merchandise that we share revenues with our benefactors, so we have a few layers of funding to come in.

Host your event today!

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