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Raise The Woof is coming to Wisconsin June 4-10 2016! Are you an animal rescue looking for an exciting new fundraiser? Not only is hosting a Raise The Woof event a great way to raise money, its also a great way to attract new supporters and get the word out about what your rescue is doing.  Please email us to find out how you can have your very own Raise The Woof Comedy Night.

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1. Does Raise The Woof only work with Dog Rescues? No we work with all animal rescues, our passion is to use laughter to help all creatures.

2. We already have a big fundraiser scheduled around that time, will you be back in a different season? Typically when we come to an area there are a few rescues who are unable to do it in our original tour dates time frame, so we frequently create another tour in a different season. So please get in touch and lets have a fun fundraiser.

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